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We combine a very high visa success rate with a fast and professional service for our clients, and ensuring we are always on hand to help our clients with any questions or forms they might encounter during the application process. The United States of America has over 60 different types of visas, and so one of the most important services GetMeAVisa provides our clients are comprehensive consultations with one of our fully qualified and experienced US immigration lawyers. During the consultation the lawyer will be able to assess your eligibility for the various visas, and if eligible will explain how to proceed with that specific visa. We will be more than happy to file your case and begin processing the visa on your behalf.


GetMeAVisa have US Immigration Lawyers whom specialize in business visas, and are able to quickly and easily facilitate blanket transfers for the L-1 Visa. For our E-2 clients, we also work with a number of business brokers and CPAs (Certified Professional Accountants) in the visa application process. Please call us on 0207 078 4127 to speak to one of our advisors should you require further information.


Popular USA Visas Among Our Clients.


Lucrative business opportunities rank among the most compelling reason for our clients wishing either permanent residence to start a brand new venture, or a temporary visa to setup a new branch in the United States to tap into the lucrative American market. Both the E2 Visa and the L1 Visa are particularly popular with those immigrating to the states with business in mind.


The K-1 Fiancée Visa as the name implies, is used for marrying an American and then living in the USA. The order and timing of your filing of the K-1 visa can drastically alter the immigration time frame.

For those seeking immigration and American employment, the H1-B visa is often a perfect vehicle. The H1-B allows those of certain professions to immigrate to the United States of America on a work visa.


For investors wishing to invest substantial amounts into the American economy, the EB-5 Visa provides permanent residence in America, but requires $500,000+ investment.


If you wish to immigrate on a different visa, or want general advice please call GetMeaVisa on 0207 078 4127