About Us

At GetMeaVisa our mission statement is simple: make immigration as easy and stress-free as possible for our clients.

We are a US Immigration lawfirm and have been in business for over 15 years, and with a proven and excellent track record for visa applications you can feel confident in having the best possible chances for your case to be successful. We employ and work with only qualified and experienced US Immigration Lawyers to process your case, who have a proven track record with US Visa matters.

American Immigration is a complex subject and often people do not even have answers to the basic questions such as “Can I live in America?” or “How do I go about the whole process?”

To this end, we offer a complete immigration service. We can provide a full in-depth consultation (lasting between one to three hours depending on your circumstances) in which we will discuss your assets, education, dependents. If you are eligible for a visa(s) the Lawyer will then inform you of the best way to obtain that particular visa. You also have the option of having the Lawyer taking on your case. If you decide to go ahead with the case within 14 days of the consultation you will be credited the consultation fee towards your case.

If the case is business orientated (for example, the ever popular E-2 Treaty Investor Visa) then our attorneys will be able to recommend business brokers (if needed) and also accountants to help make sure that you’re selecting an investment which may lead to a successful visa application.

Should you not be eligible for other visas, or wish a potentially easier route into the United States which doesn’t require specific skills or experience, we also work with employers willing to offer you a full time job and sponsor your US visa application via the EB-3 All Workers visa. Our employers have positions all across the USA and we will work with our American partners to prepare the Green Card application.