US Investors Visas

The Entrepreneurs & Investors category visas were created to lure foreign (either individual or corporate) investors into the United States to further enrich the American economy. The US presents a massive and lucrative market for those investors.

The E-1/E-2 and L-1 nonimmigrant visas are often easier and quicker to obtain than an EB-5 immigrant visa, but do not automatically allow for permanent residence (but the US authorities do often grant extensions past the initial period), although a permanent option maybe available after a business has been in operation for at least one year.

The documentation the American immigration authorities will require is usually substantial and the process can be very complicated. For this reason, most people who are successful in their applications use a specialist immigration lawyer who will file the application on their behalf. offer assistance with all aspects of your immigration, including an in-depth consultation, step by step help filling in all paperwork, and even help finding the right business for you (such as ensuring that it matches the requirements set for the specific visa). We have a proven high success rate, and have been in business for over ten years.

Once you are residing inside the US we can also help with visa extensions or an application for permanent residence.

Categories of US Investment Visas

See the handy comparison table below to give you a simple side by side comparison of the various investment visas.


E-1/E-2 Visas


Regional Center



Not Fixed



$500.000 or $1m
Minimum of $500,000

Job Creation

Minimal 10 direct jobs
10 direct OR indirect jobs



Manager or essential skills unless Investor Policy Making Limited Partner


Can go direct to consul USCIS, then consul or form I-485 USCIS, then conul or form I-485



Minimum of 1-2 months Around one year Around one year

Can visa be


Depends on country & premium proccess No No

Initial visa validy

Up to five years Two-year conditional Green Card Two-year conditional Green Card

US Permanent


Possible EB-1 after one year
Yes, after two-year conditional Period
Yes, after two-year conditional period

Maximum Period

Unlimited extensions US Permanent residence
USA Permanent Residence

Working Spouse

Yes Three months after


Three months after I-485



Around 90 days Usually 6 months Usually 6months