Corporate Visas for the United States

If you wish to expand your business or enterprise into the United States market by setting up a new branch, or transferring key members of personnel to the USA to kick-start a new project, our expert American Immigration legal team can help.

Often your current staff play a crucial key role in setting up (and sometimes managing) a new project, with them already possessing intimate knowledge of your companies procedures, values and a clear understanding of the final goals of the project. The US L-1 Visa allows you to utilize your current staff in a new venture inside the United States. The transfer of several key personnel (possibly by utilizing a blanket transfer visa) can be crucial to keep the project on time, on budget and achieving successful and lucrative results.

The E-1 Treaty Trader Visa is used for those wishing to conduct ‘significant trade’ with the United States of America. Please contact us or click on the relevant link for more information on the E-1 visa’s requirements you must meet.

We at can help you drive your business forward by facilitating the easier transfer of your staff as possible. All of our lawyers are highly experienced and with a very high success outcome for cases.

Additionally, we offer discounts on blanket L1 (and other Visa) transfers, call us +44 (0)207 0784 127 for details!

See the chart below for a brief comparison of the various visa types.