Green Cards

The EB-3 Other Worker visa is a permanent work visa in the United States of America and is a fantastic way of obtaining your Green Card. The Green Card is a document that allows you to live and work permanently in the United States of America.

The EB-3 Visa (Other Worker) sub-category does not require any specific skills, qualifications or experience on your part to be granted the visa to work in America. The purpose of this specific visa category is to bring in immigrants to fulfil a shortage of workers in the USA for a number of different job types (see the below FAQs). The only requirements and conditions for the EB-3 Other Worker Visa is that you are capable of physically working a regular permanent job in America.

This is a non-immigrant visa where you, your spouse and any children under the age of 21 years old will receive a US Green Card to immigrate to America as part of the same application packet. Our US employers will sponsor your visa application so you can work permanently in the role within the United States.

These American jobs do not have requirements for skills or qualifications, which means that they are an excellent way to enter the USA for those without college or university degrees.

We work with a number of large employers throughout America who have 100’s of US job vacancies and they are willing to sponsor for the EB-3 Visa. Our American partners prepare the Green Card application and we will co-ordinate the paperwork with you and also prepare you for interviews with employers and the US embassy.

Your spouse can work for the same American employer as you or they may work elsewhere in the States, or choose to study, start a business or even enrol on training. Your children under 21 years old can also do the same.

The EB-3 Visa Other Worker sub-category is also a great solution for unmarried couples or same-sex couples to migrate to the States. Under US Law an unmarried person cannot sponsor their partner, but we have found the EB-3 Other Worker visa very popular with unmarried couples wishing to migrate to the US, or a migrant wanting to join an American partner in the United States, but the couple does not have plans to marry.

The EB-3 Other Worker visa proves popular with our clients wanting to immigrate to America for a number of reasons, including those with:

  • Children over 21 years old
  • Parents
  • Siblings
  • All other relatives
  • Friends

Currently, the dates for the EB-3 Other Worker visa are not backlogged according to the US Government’s Visa bulletin. Click on the link then select “Current Visa Bulletin” then scroll down to “EMPLOYMENT-BASED PREFERENCES” and read up to 6.

US EB-3 Other Worker Visa FAQ:

Does the USA really have a shortage of workers?
According to America’s own Department of Labor (DOL), half of the jobs created in the next five years inside the country will require no more than high school education. However, currently, only 10% of men pursue unskilled work rather than attending college. This has left MILLIONS OF VACANT JOBS. Therefore foreign workers like you are required to fill the jobs shortages inside the USA, and currently, 50% of all the new jobs created in the last decade were filled by foreign-born workers. You can also take a look at this Vox article for even more information!

How the number of job positions now outweighs the number of applicants in the United States.

What is a “Green Card”?
The US Green Card makes you a Lawful Permanent Resident which gives you permission to live and work in the USA permanently. Remember your spouse and children will get their own Green Card too. You can apply for US citizenship 5-6 years after obtaining your Green Card providing you have abided by the prevailing conditions.

How much will I be paid in the United States?

Pay will be dependent upon your specific job and location, and you will be given these details (and more) after you have been spoken to the American employers. But according to immigration rules (set forth by the US Government), you will be paid the prevailing wage. This means you will be compensated fairly and cannot be paid a lower wage than US workers when working your job in the USA.

Can you tell me more about this opportunity?
The EB-3 Other Worker visa numbers are current and available according to the US Government’s Visa bulletin. These roles do not require you to have any skills, qualifications or experience so in this respect they are a more accessible route to obtaining your Green Card than investing USD$500,000 or having a degree.

Can I choose the job and location?
We will try our best to give you the choice of your preferred location in America, but this is not guaranteed. The EB-3 jobs are unskilled and therefore not stressful – you won’t be taking the job home with you and are NOT expected to work out of contracted hours, though there is plenty of overtime if you want it! Remember this is your opportunity to become a Lawful Permanent Resident in the USA. This is a wonderful chance to grab a new life for you and your family.

Can you tell me more about the US job I’d be working in?
You are obliged to work full time (40 hours a week) in America for the employer sponsoring you. We can email or discuss these job opportunities over the phone. These are unskilled jobs that anyone can do. You will be working for a large employer who has hundreds of US jobs available and we work with many employers across the USA.

City State Role Must be physically fit Must Speak English Well Other requirements More Information
Clackamas Oregon Landscape Laborer Yes Yes Offers Benefits
Baton Rouge Louisiana Landscape Technician Yes Yes Offers Benefits
Austin Texas In-Home Caregiver Yes Yes Have a valid drivers license Offers Benefits
Birmingham Michigan In-Home Caregiver Yes Yes Must speak English well and have a valid drivers license Offers Benefits
St. Charles Missouri Landscape Technician Yes Yes Offers Benefits
Medford Massachusetts Janitorial Technician Yes Yes Must be able to drive their own vehicle to customer job sites
Enfield New Hampshire Cleaning Technician Yes Yes Must be able to drive their own vehicle to customer job sites

How long will it take to process the application?
The process length is dependent on the US government agencies involved including the Embassy that will interview you. It is the decision of these agencies to grant the EB-3 visa NOT OURS. The sponsoring employer makes the decision to give you the job, not us. (Please email for our Professional Services Agreement)

What other services do you provide?

Our American partners are happy to help you with all aspects of immigration:

Consular interview preparation
Travel liaison services upon arrival at U.S. airport
Transportation provided to your new job on the first day of employment
Assistance provided for obtaining social security card, opening a U.S. checking account, finding suitable housing and coordinating local transportation needs

If you are interested in working as a carer in the United States, then please head over to our sister website

How do I start?

For more information register using the contact form on this page for a no-obligation brochure or call us on (UK) 0207 078 4127.