US Immigration Law is a complicated subject, it is important to have the right information on which visa(s) you are eligible for and the right way to apply for these for these visas. The law for US Immigration is surrounded by many common misconceptions and misinformation. Our US Immigration team offer comprehensive consultations (lasting anywhere from one to three hours) which are designed to ascertain your eligibility for a visa to the United States of America. Because of the vast number of different visas, it is imperative to have a clear understanding which visas you are and are not eligible for.

If you have a clear purpose in mind for your immigration (e.g. a specific amount of money to invest within a business within America) the immigration lawyer will weigh up over your proposal and circumstances and if you are eligible, the lawyer will tell you the best route(s) for that visa. You can also instruct the immigration lawyer to apply for the visa on your behalf.

If you are uncertain which type of US Visa you want (for example, you just want to live in the United States but are unsure of the best way to go about this) then during the consultation the Immigration Lawyer will go through your current circumstance and inform you which US visa(s) you would be eligible for.

If you are not eligible for any visa then the immigration attorney will tell you the reasons and how you could possibly become eligible in the future for a particular visa.

The consultations are given by expert US Immigration attorneys and you have the option of coming down to our offices for an in person consultation or we can call you for a Telephone consultation at a time of your choosing. Note, the consultations are highly in-depth and have been known to last up to three hours in length.

Please call us on 0207 078 4127 or follow the steps below to begin your US Immigration journey!

What Do I Do Now?

    1. Download the consultation form: Download US Form
    2. You complete the form and return by email to, post or fax.
    3. Then you call or email us to book a legal consultation with an US Immigration Lawyer.
    4. Our lawyers will then do a pre-consultation analysis from the information on the form so that they have the best understanding of your circumstances.
    5. If you are paying by debit or credit card then you can pay on the day of the consultation but if you are not then we need cleared funds 7 days before the consultation.
    6. During the consultation:
      a. the immigration lawyer will tell you whether you are eligible for a visa(s) and the conditions and criteria for that visa(s)
      b. if you are not eligible you will also be informed and you may be told how you could possibly become eligible in the future.
    7. If you are eligible and you agree to retain our services within seven days of your consultation, we will be pleased to credit the consultation fee toward the cost of your case.