Are You Concerned Over Brexit And Thinking Of Immigration?

The UK’s current political turmoil caused by Brexit is impacting businesses, immigrants currently residing in the United Kingdom and even British Citizens (particularly those living in other EU countries). This growing uncertainty has led to many seeking to migrate out of the United Kingdom and the United States is an appealing destination to both private residents and also business owners concerned by the impact of Brexit on their investment.

The recent negotiations between the UK and Europe show that a hard Brexit is becoming an ever more likely possibility, and the impact of a hard Brexit will doubtlessly hit everyone, and possibly uproot the lives of over 1.3 million British ex-pats residing between 27 EU countries as of 2017 (source BBC/ UN Trends). The future of these ex-pats is still up in the air, and a similar weight is being felt on European migrants currently living and working in Britain thanks to the free movement afforded by being part of the European Union.

Business will also be adversely affected, with the automotive and agricultural industries being particularly affected. The UK obtains about 80 percent of the food we consume is imported (according to a report from Business Insider), and so additional Tariffs for these goods is a likely outcome from an unfavourable deal for the UK.

This is made all the worse because the storage capacity of warehouses and freezers for the food is almost always fully at capacity, as companies typically operate on a Just In Time (JIT) basis. With longer delays in food imports at the border, a no-deal Brexit could lead to rather complicated issues for food and even medicine (where the UK also sees a significant number of its important medicines imported from abroad).

For those who have migrated to the United Kingdom for the purposes of work (or set up a business), this uncertainty is clearly alarming.

Even the music industry and artists are feeling the pinch, with performers from the UK unable to go on tour in say Germany, or for a French artist to come to the UK and perform. Most likely, it will require an artist to apply for a visa to perform, but given laws are yet to be written about this, a hard Brexit could be a huge blow to musicians. Other industries such as science have also had similar concerns too.

Over the past several months, we at GetMeaVisa has experienced a large increase in individuals and businesses contacting us who wish to migrate to the United States and take their future into their own hands.

Individuals considering migrating to the United States of America have a number of different popular visas available to them, including the EB-3 All Workers Visa which allows a person to enter the United States and work in jobs which are experiencing labour shortages regardless of the applicant’s qualifications and experience. For those wanting to create a business entity (or take over an existing business) within the USA, the E-2 Visa is very popular.

For those who work as a Registered Nurse, we have a sister company (Nurses4America) specializing in training and immigration guidance for nurses, and will also help organize employment for you in the United States!

For owners of currently established businesses within the UK (or Europe) and wish to set up an entity within America, a visa such as the L-1 IntraCompany Transfer Visa allows the transfer of key personnel into the United States to manage and oversee the American division of that company.

GetMeAVisa offers full and in-depth consultations with our highly experienced US Immigration lawyers who will be able to tell you which visas you would be eligible for (if any) and how you should proceed.